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This is a regularly updated page that features top career picks for those who are looking into career in blockchain technology or fintech. It’s not just about hodling!



This month we are featuring blockchain technology startups that are hiring for remote location.

In June and July 2019 we are back at the tech side of blockchain jobs. You will need to have some skill for most of these, but all jobs in the startup section have the remote option.

Here is your fresh supply of remote blockchain tech startup job openings. As always, down below the same for more established crypto companies worldwide.

New Blockchain Startup Ventures (But Well Funded)

A list of new blockchain tech startups, dApp game developers and any crypto-relevant or privacy-focused startups that could be interesting to work at, if you are the type who likes to be early to parties.

dv01 (US)

Focus: A fintech platform that streamlines consumer and mortgage loan data. The goal is to make markets transparent and efficient for institutional investors and safer for the world. Got 7.5 MM USD seed in 2018.

Looking for: (Remote) Data engineers - Someone with 3+ years of coding experience all around, with interest in both finance and code. Pays very well.


VoiceOps (US)

Focus: Machine learning product that transcribes and analyzes recorded sales calls, and provides that data to managers to help their teams level up and close more deals.

Funded by Accel, Founders Fund or Y Combinator, featured on Forbes 30 Under 30.

Looking for: (Remote) Backend Engineer - Pays very well, but if it’s not for you, VoiceOps are also looking for some growth/marketing positions.


Wakecap (UAE)

Focus: WakeCap is digitizing the least digitized industry out there - it aims to improve the safety and productivity at the construction field through IoT-based solutions. They are based in Dubai and got 1.6 MM USD seed funding in 2018.

Looking for: (Remote) Architects and developers - NodeJS, Android, iOS. Designers are sought too. Pays less well than US-based alternatives.


Established Crypto Businesses

The crypto companies you know the name of, unless you literally live under a rock.


You know it as: The service that lets you topup your phone with bitcoin - that’s only how they started though. Since 2014 the Swedish company expanded into a full e-commerce solution.

More about Bitrefill also in the Full Bitrefill Datafile.

Looking for: Developers and engineers - Bitrefill is currently expanding out of EU and has joined an initiative to develop a LN protocol for Bitcoin, which is why they are hiring. They also very recently raised 2 MM USD of funding from Poseidon Group, Fulgur Ventures, BHB Network, Chainside, inbitcoin and others. A notable backer is Charlie Lee.



You know it as: The payment processor.

Looking for: Backend API engineers - Hiring in Seattle for the Payouts team. The team works to ensure money gets to its destinations safely, reliably and in a cost effective manner.



You know it as: One of the oldest crypto exchanges that had major hurdles serving their traders in times of high load but never actually scammed anyone or got hacked.

Looking for: Pretty much anybody, all over the world and remote. There is demand for business strategists, engineers, designers, compliance staff, account managers and customer support.

Kraken is based in San Fran and that’s where they primarily look, but related to their recent ventures there is also need for staff to employ in their new Tokyo base.

For a good bit of the openings they are OK with remote work.



You know it as: The crypto onramp for regular Americans, platforms split between a managed crypto wallet, a basic exchange and a professional trading interface.

Looking for: Pretty much anybody. Coinbase is filling up their several US offices and also locations in London, Dublin and Tokyo. After big layoffs, they are now looking to fill roles ranging from Business Development through Design and Engineering to Legal and Compliance.




Crypto Business Intelligence - Full Data Files



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Numerai is a crowd-sourced AI-run hedge fund and Erasure marketplace that provides free data feeds for machine learning, leveraging structure-preserving encryption.

Published October 12, 2018 by Diana (Editor)

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