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Blockchain Tech Startups Hiring TECH AND MARKETING in Jan 20

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This month we are featuring blockchain technology startups that are hiring for remote location.

This month, it’s mainly remote fintech & blockchain tech startup job openings.

As always, down below the same for more established crypto companies worldwide.

New Tech Startups (But Well Funded)

Lojic (US)

Focus: Lojic is a blockchain based supply chain management platform, in other words one of the projects that cross the legacy and disruptive border with distributed ledgers. These kinda-corporate projects tend to be well funded and pay well, and Lojic is not an exception.

Looking for: (Remote) Technical Product Manager - Someone who is a great communicator with good technical literacy to collaborate with product owners and engineering manager to establish project objectives, policies, procedures and performance standards. Pays very well.


Zerion (US)

Focus: A solution to simplify access to DeFi (decentralized finance). It’s meant to be a dApp leveraging open access DeFi protocols to manage cross-platform trading, lending and just asset management in general.

Looking for: (Remote) Smart contract engineers - If you know solidity, this is a fairly well paid position that can be done remotely.


Status IM (EU)

Focus: Status is a blockchain-based instant messenger looking to implement advanced functionalities like the popular all-rounder IMs in Asia do. They are funded through ICO money and operate in a minimal hierarchy as a fully distributed team. This would be an ideal opportunity if you are looking to break into a new career vertical as they are mainly looking for junior level talent.

Looking for: (Remote) Pretty much everyone - Developers, technical writers, managers, developers. Especially worth mentioning is this new Junior Security Engineer opening.


Established Crypto Businesses

The crypto companies you know the name of, unless you live under a rock.


You know it as: The cryptocurrency trading platform with a sister non-custodial DEX DeversiFi (formerly Ethfinex).

Looking for: (Remote) Managers and Marketing Specialists, also Developers - Bitfinex is hiring a lot of marketing people, mainly for their dApp/DEX projects. They always pay above average.



You know it as: One of the oldest crypto exchanges that had major hurdles serving their traders in times of high load but never actually scammed anyone or got hacked.

Looking for: (Remote) Engineers and data scientists. Kraken added a lot of data-oriented positions that are listed as based out of their San Francisco office or remotely. These pay very well.


Similar job opportunities at better pay but on-site in NYC are now open at R3.


You know it as: The crypto onramp for regular Americans, platforms split between a managed crypto wallet, a basic exchange and a professional trading interface.

Looking for: Pretty much anybody. Coinbase is filling up their several US offices and also locations in London, Dublin and Tokyo. After big layoffs, they are now looking to fill roles ranging from Business Development through Design and Engineering to Legal and Compliance.




Crypto Business Intelligence - Full Data Files



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Published July 13, 2018 by JMT

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Wyre (SendWyre) is a blockchain technology initiative for compliant decentralized trading, supported by the DCG or Tim Draper.

Published September 04, 2018 by Diana Trang

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