Blockchain Venture Builders | Startup Studios, Foundries and Accelerators active in 2023

2022 Updated List of Blockchain Venture Builders, Incubators & Startup Accelerators

This is a directory of Blockchain Venture Builders, Blockchain Incubators & Startup Accelerators in the blockchain industry. We are also including some fintech accelerators as long as they branch off to working with blockchain technology.


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The venture builder model is far more hands-on than you might be used to from venture capital.

Startup studios, or startup builders, provide more than simply the funding for the upstart of a new company. Their specialty are the human resources needed to execute the actual startup building.

Usually venture builders work as loose, semi-independent structures. Experts on behalf of the studio will join the emerging company as “entrepreneurs-in-residence”.

This approach is a good fit for blockchain technology industries where skilled professionals are still rare but deep insight into the technology is crucial.

Blockchain incubators, just like most technology incubators and accelerators in general, don’t get involved in the startup development nearly as much as venture builders.

Typically, an incubator or accelerator provides the early-stage startup company with work space plus some degree of backoffice and business support.

Incubators and accelerators therefore need to be quite well focused, because they are bringing a bunch of different startups to essentially a single office hub. This aspect is a great opportunity to form strategic partnerships if the participating startups all relate to the same industry but are not primary competitors.

For example, a startup that is developing a fintech dApp will benefit from alliance with an information security startup that has expertise in blockchain technology.


Blockchain Startup Studios, Venture Builders

Company Focus Geo Funding

dlab was created by SOSV in 2018 to provide capital and resources to web3 and crypto projects creating more open, transparent, and participatory systems using blockchains and other decentralized technologies. dlab provides up to $250k in venture funding through their fully-remote program.

// Marked as "hiring"

// Tagged as Builder

Primarily  Venture Builder, Accelerator, DeFi

Focus: Builder

New York, USA / Remote

dlab invested in API3, Milkomeda, Composable Finance.

dlab partnered with Pantera.

Personalities involved in dlab include Shawn Broderick, Nick Plante.


Thesis is a creative venture studio that focuses on how to bridge the crypto/real-world purchase gap. They mainly work with public blockchains, a lot with bitcoin. Part of their work ventures into enabling private data storage on public blockchains. Thesis follows the venture builder model, they participate in the actual building of the tech and are backed by larger organizations. Their main verticals are Data, Payments and Gaming.

// Tagged as Accelerator

Primarily  Venture Builder, Startup Studio, Investor, Public Blockchains

Focus: Builder

Atlanta, US

Thesis invested in Fold App, Keep Network.

Thesis partnered with Andreesen Horowitz, Polychain, Draper Associates, DHVC.

Personalities involved in Thesis include Matt Luongo, Corbin Pon, Michael Gluzman, Andrew Nalbland.


Starkus is a venture builder and advisory for startups that provides backoffice support & expertise for new ventures in the blockchain tech industry. They specialize in strategizing, audits and legal advisory but they do not provide funding or entrepreneurs in residence.

// Tagged as Accelerator

Primarily  Consultancy, Advisory

Focus: Advisor


Personalities involved in Starkus include Brian Prilick, Cesar Levene, Nicolas Belgrano, Bernardo Chapar.

Outlier Ventures

Outlier Ventures is an investor and builder focusing on IoT, AI, blockchain and broadly any kind of distributed or tokenized systems. They have offices in London, Chicago and Toronto and are very open to new pitches. They do not provide dedicated entrepreneurs in residence but they invest and their investees benefit from their extensive network of partners. The company is also active in the research area and organizes webinars and events.

// Tagged as Accelerator

Primarily  Investor, Partner, Advisor

Focus: Investor


Outlier Ventures invested in IOTA, DEX Data Marketplace, Sovrin identity management, FetchAI, OrbitDB.

Personalities involved in Outlier Ventures include Jamie Burke, Stephan Apel, Aron van Ammers, Rumi Morales.

Next Big Thing AG

Next Big Thing (NBT) is a Berlin-based IoT and blockchain company builder and VC. NBT focuses mainly on IoT, sensors, data processing and smart contracts. The model NBT follows is not that of full-fetched dedicated startup building with entrepreneurs in residence, but one of co-founding with equity stakes and strong advisory through a network of partners. Key NBT employees are very active and influential in Berlin’s startup and innovation space.

// Tagged as Accelerator

Primarily  Startup Studio, Investor, IoT - AI - Blockchain

Focus: Builder


Next Big Thing AG invested in,,, NRGEN,

Personalities involved in Next Big Thing AG include Harald Zapp, Jasmin Skenderi, Sandra Panknin, Michael Bommer, Martin Buhl.

Ledger Project

Ledger Project is an EU-funded venture builder for human-centric solutions in the blockchain space. They are currenntly building a portfolio of MVPs built around privacy by design, openness and citizen data sovereignity. Ledger Project receives funding from the EU and has the total of 5.6 MM EUR to invest. There is network access, partnerships, mentoring and experts available for each venture it supports.

// Tagged as Accelerator

Primarily  Business Network, Investor, Startup Studio, Advisory

Focus: Builder


Raised funding 6.304284 MM USD
via ICO

Ledger Project invested in 1st open call ends 30 April 2019:

Ledger Project partnered with IOTA Foundation , decode, c-voucher, RobotUnion, Telefonica Open Innovation, bottish association.


Coinsilium is a venture builder, investor and advisor, supporting early-stage blockchain technology companies and the digital token economy. They were the first global blockchain accelerator to IPO already back in 2015. Coinsilium invested in projects like Factom, Rootstock or Elevate Health.

// Tagged as Accelerator

Primarily  Investing, Startup Builder, Consultancy, Seed Funding

Focus: Investor

UK & Gibraltar

Coinsilium invested in Factom, Rootstock, Elevate Health.

Personalities involved in Coinsilium include Eddy Travia, Malcolm Palle.

Catena Capital

Catena is a German blockchain startup builder and investor, actively sourcing projects in scalability, identity management, KYC, AdTech and blockchain-based marketplaces. Catena provides entrepreneurs in residence, ICO service and full legal and operational support for new entrants. They also run a coworking office with event space in Berlin - the CryptoTank.

// Tagged as Accelerator

Primarily  Venture Builder, ICO Accelerator

Focus: Builder


Personalities involved in Catena Capital include Miriam Neubauer, Michael Ambros, Gunther Schmidt, Fabian Spielberger.



Blockchain Incubators & Accelerators

Company Focus Funding
Web3 Ventures

Web3 Ventures provide the business support for promising sustainable blockchain projects in the area of fintech and international trade. They provide guidance, security advisory and ICO management.

Primary Focus: Supply Chain Management, Trade Finance


Not published.

Web3 Ventures is located in Amsterdam.


The leading nordic tech incubator with a whole host of strategic partnerships and also accolades. They organize or take part events nearly every week, focusing on fintech, innovation and sustainability. Applications for new startups are open and available from the website. TheFactory provides workspace in central Oslo, legal help and backoffice support. Accepted startups receive funding through TheFactory angels (100-500k NOK).

Primary Focus: Fintech, Sustainability, Credit Risk, SMEs, Marketplaces


Not published.

TheFactory is located in Oslo, Norway.

TheFactory partnered with KPMG, Nordea, Santander, Oslo Fintech Hub.

The Blockchain Disruptors Initiative

Primary Focus: Incubators


Not published.

The Blockchain Disruptors Initiative is located in West Palm Beach.

Startup Growth Advisors

Primary Focus: IoT


Not published.

Society3 Group

Accelerator focusing on developing countries.

Primary Focus: Startup mentoring, Community


Not published.

Society3 Group is located in San Francisco, US.

Scalable Labs

Incubator focusing on lean startups and freelancers that want to start in the blockchain technology. Provides tools, funding and networking opportunities. To apply, entrepreneurs must submit a feasible and well researched business model proposal that gets thoroughly vetted. After admission, funding is released by milestones (for instance after MVP completion). Startups that are part of Scalable Labs can leverage the pool of freelance talent that the incubator has at disposal.

Primary Focus: Startups


Not published.

Scalable Labs is located in Orange County, US.

IdeaFounder Capital

Focused on high-tech - AI, cryptography, virtual reality.

Primary Focus: AI, cryptography, virtual reality


Not published.

IdeaFounder Capital is located in Seattle.

HODL is a venture capital fund and company builder with offices in New York City, London, and Seoul. We build and invest early with entrepreneurs that use digital assets and blockchain technology to solve real problems.

Primary Focus: Incubators, Venture Capital


Not published. is located in London.


Dignyfy is a strategy hub specializing in Blockchain and dApp consulting, PR, Marketing, Education and Development.

Primary Focus: Consulting, Business Services, PR/Marketing


Not published.

Chicago Blockchain Center

Launched originally in 2015 as the Chicago Bitcoin Center. The hub provides educational resources, space and an ecosystem hub for all things blockchain.

Primary Focus: Community, Education, Innovation


Not published.

Chicago Blockchain Center is located in Chicago.


Primary Focus: Blockchains


Not published.

Blocksmatter is located in Zurich, Switzerland.

Blockchain Hub Prague

Primary Focus: Network of startups


Not published.

Blockchain Hub Prague is located in Prague, Czechia.

Blockchain Centre Vilnius

Primary Focus: Knowledge Management


Not published.


Primary Focus: IoT


Not published.

AppWorks is located in Taiwan.



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