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This is a directory of blockchain tech businesses providing individual or institutional cryptoasset custody. -

List of crypto custody companies, business and personal cryptocurrency storage. Blockchain technology startups with their market segment, competitors and more crypto business intelligence.



Company Industry Segments Business Funding

Bakkt, a subsidiary of Intercontinental Exchange, is building an open, seamless global network to enable you to buy, sell, store and spend digital assets simply, safely and efficiently.

Market Segment Fintech

Focused on Cryptoasset Custody, Regulations, Institutional Trading, Institutional Investors

Crypto Custody





Located in Atlanta, USA (as Intercontinental Exchange).

Personalities involved in Bakkt include Kelly Loeffler.

Bakkt partnered with ICE, Microsoft, Starbucks, Boston Consulting Group.


Market Segment Personal Cryptocurrency Storage

Focused on Payments, Donations, Crypto wallet

Crypto Custody





Located in Luxembourg.

Raised funding 70.0 MM USD
via ICO


Coinbase started as a simple bitcoin wallet web-app that got popular by offering 10USD worth of BTC to every nearly anonymous signup. The Coinbase exchange later split into basic trading (directly from wallet with high fees) and PRO trading platform that became widely popular among daytraders in the US. Coinbase Custody is a subservice offered by Coinbase to institutions that trade cryptocurrencies but do not have the in-house tech to store them. The information about pricing is not public but since Coinbase Custody was the first player in this part of the blockchain industry, it is understandable that professional traders reported the costs of custody to be “outrageous”. In spite of the popularity of the platform across multiple verticals, Coinbase keeps raising VC (Round F in December 2018). It is possible the funding is necessary for further acquisitions - Coinbase has acquired for instance the hybrid DEX Paradex or the platform


Market Segment Trading, Custody, Cryptocurrency Exchange, Wallet

Focused on Trading, Custody, DEX

Crypto Custody




>> Similar to Bakkt, Fidelity, Bitfinex, Bithumb

Located in San Francisco, USA.

Raised funding 525.3 MM USD
via ICO

Personalities involved in Coinbase include Brian Armstrong, Fred Ehrsam.

Coinbase partnered with Andreesen Horowitz, Polychain, Fundamental Labs.


Fidelity is a financial services giant that will start crypto asset storage in 2019 along with a trade execution engine.

Market Segment Trading

Focused on Cryptoasset Custody, Regulations, Institutional Trading, Institutional Investors

Crypto Custody






>> Similar to Bakkt, Universal Protocol Platform

Located in Boston, USA.

Fidelity partnered with Coinbase.


SatoshiLabs is the company that created the very first ‘cold storage’ device - the Trezor Wallet.

Market Segment Personal Cryptocurrency Storage, Crypto Custody, Institutional Crypto Storage

Focused on Hardware, Cryptoasset Storage Devices, Custody

Crypto Custody





>> Similar to Ledger Wallet, KeepKey

Located in Czechia.

Personalities involved in SatoshiLabs include Marek Palatinus (Slush), Pavol Rusnak (Stick), Formerly Alena Vranova.

SatoshiLabs partnered with The B Foundation.


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Numerai is a crowd-sourced AI-run hedge fund and Erasure marketplace that provides free data feeds for machine learning, leveraging structure-preserving encryption.

Last update October 12, 2018 by Diana

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Wyre (SendWyre) is a blockchain technology initiative for compliant decentralized trading, supported by the DCG or Tim Draper.

Last update November 02, 2018 by Diana

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CryptoCon 2018 event is cancelled

Catering towards traders of all levels and investors. Relevant for both B2C and B2B. Distinctive because no sole focus on the blockchain solution, but rather on trading/investing and leadership. Great opportunities for your projects to...

Published May 31, 2018 by JMT
Editor's note: It could have been a unique event; sadly it will not happen. Tagged as New Release

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