Blockchain game BitGolf by VX is opening a second item pre-sale ST. JULIANS, Malta

Blockchain game BitGolf by VX is opening a second item pre-sale

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Published December 20, 2018

The dApp game development company VX NETWORK., Ltd. (CEO Michael C. Chung) is opening a second pre-sale of in-game items for a new blockchain game BitGolf.

BitGolf is a 3D dApp game simulating golf tournaments, the assets sold are the golf gear used in the BitGolf game.

The pre-sale #2 is held from December 19 to December 31, 2018; the launch of the BitGolf game is scheduled for early January 2019.

About the BitGolf pre-sale

The item sale take place at via the in-game asset, GLF token. The GLF token is an ERC20 token and can be purchased for ETH on the BitGolf site after creating a user account.

The items to be sold include golf clubs (driver, wood, long iron, short iron, wedge, putter) and costumes (cap, glasses, tops, bottoms, gloves and shoes).

Each item has a quality grade that affect the player’s performance power and control abilities: There are Common, Pro, Master, and newly added Champion grades.

Costumes also sell in grades, in game they will affect the user’s mental abilities and charm.

Common, Pro, and Master grade items are sold at fixed prices. The new Champion grade gear can be purchased via an auction.

The value of the pre-sale is in the costs of the gear - there is a 30% discount, a refer-a-friend program and a bonus for each purchase in GLF.

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