Cubego pushes the boundaries of asset ownership in blockchain games Singapore

Cubego pushes the boundaries of asset ownership in blockchain games

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Published November 25, 2018

Limitless creativity, new spin on the dual ERC-20/ERC-721 token system & hard-coded copyright protection: On top of the new concept of architecture on the blockchain, the decentralized games publisher EMONT Alliance goes on to adopt some of the revolutionary backoffice practices we’ve been hearing of in fintech & legal.

With blockchain gaming making up 78% of dApps launched in Q3 of 2018, it is no wonder that it is the dApp games industry that adopts innovative approaches the faster. In the current state of blockchain technology, gaming industry is simply the most hands-on of them all.

The innovation lies in Cubego, a new decentralized gaming concept developed by the EMONT Alliance that just launched on Saturday November 24, 2018. The format is deceptively simple - Cubego lets players build digital 3D characters, or Cubegons, and then duel each other to earn monetary rewards in tokens.

What should not be missed when looking at this simple “Lego on the blockchain” format is how Cubego pushes the boundaries of asset ownership on blockchain. Not only have Cubego players full ownership of their blockchain assets, they also have the freedom to create everything from looks to abilities of their own characters.

Not just LEGO on the blockchain

“One of the Cubego’s core inspirations is to allow everyone freely showcase our creativity and individuality. We want to create a space where players gather to create, share their creations, join exciting journeys and earn real value,” says co-founder Nedrick Ngo.

The concept does not end at inspirational phrases, though. Cubego implements the actual backoffice solutions we have been hearing of in fintech and legal circles as potentially game changing, but always with the note that implementing something so foreign within a giant corporation is still going to take another five or ten years.

The gaming industry on the other hand doesn’t sleep on technological innovations: Cubego’s characters are each 100% unique and come with an exclusive copyright owned by the player who created the respective character. The creator also owns the exclusive right to build variants from their original Cubegon model. This all is automated and protected by Cubego’s smart contracts. No one, even the game developers and distributors, can interfere with this right.

Ultimately, within the digital space the rights of creators could not be protected more and more cost-effectively at the same time.

New spin on the dual ERC-20/ERC-721 token system

Last but not least, the technology behind the “limitless creativity on the blockchain” is an interesting spin on the ERC-20/ERC-721 token system.

In collectible blockchain games on Ethereum, you will typically have an in-game payment utility token under the ERC-20 standard. That is a fungible token for which you can get ownership of the collectible asset. The collectible will typically be under the ERC-721 standard, a unique and non-fungible blockchain asset.

In Cubego, the Cubego tokens (fungible ERC-20) are needed to get to build Cubegons (unique characters of ERC-721 standard).

The Cubego tokens are fungible, but their value for the game purposes varies with their kind - they constitute the building material. Material’s rarity and preciousness are categorized into 5 tiers: Legendary, Epic, Rare, Common and Basic.

You could probably guess the power of a character in duel is influenced by the quality of its material composition, but there’s more that: The finished Cubegon can get a kick in value from synergy of unusual material combinations - think distinct aesthetics, types or abilities.

It is worth noting that the Cubego presale between 24 November and 31 December will be the only chance for players to obtain some of the precious materials, including Legendary, Epic, and Rare Cubegoes. These cube blocks are essential ingredients for high-tier Cubegons, who have the most edge in combat.

Create your Cubego account with Metamask here right now and get 300 Cubego tokens for free.

Need-to-knows about Cubego

  • Cubego belongs to the EMONT Alliance (Etheremon, MyCryptoHeroes)
  • Current userbase is mostly from US and Japan
  • In-game fungible token is likely going to be available for instant swaps via Kyber Network
  • Partnership deals with Zilliqa, Decentraland, Opensea and others

Contract addresses and usage stats can be found at State of the dApps.

Cubego Roadmap

[Creating Cubegon]

  • Collecting components: The stage where creators gather their ingredients, through the Presale which will begin on 24 November
  • Creating Cubegons: Building tool will be ready and the marketplace is also opened for players to buy and sell their characters

[Cubegon Exploration]

  • Combat: The first battle mode where Cubegons join to collect rewards and unlock further skills. The most basic battles are turn-based in 1v1 settings. Player can watch Cubegons battle from different angles in a 3D environment.
  • More features including ranked combat, clan war and so on will be released in the year of 2019 to make Cubegons’ journey more exciting.

[Reality Cubegon]

  • VR, AR technology will be applied to bring users the next-level gaming experience. Players will be able to craft their characters in a total new way and explore the real-world environment with them to make their own unique stories and adventures.

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