Devery Doubles Down on B2B Enterprise Solutions Australia

Devery Doubles Down on B2B Enterprise Solutions

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Published May 30, 2018

Devery, the blockchain startup focused on secure product verification and counterfeit protection, has announced the release of its first mobile verification application, a major milestone in its development roadmap.

The app is now published on Devery’s Github repository and is also available for download on the Google Play Store. The app is in its first public iteration and serves as a simplified demonstration of the applications Devery is building for enterprises. Unlike predecessor apps, this more advanced version is now able to read directly off the Ethereum blockchain to verify the authenticity of the QR code or ethereum address.

Devery has also re-launched its website and made a series of promising updates for its community. Notably, its recent activity signals a strong focus on developing world-class supply chain solutions for businesses, utilising the capabilities of the blockchain to implement solutions in product verification.

Earlier this year, Devery captured major press attention with its inclusion in the inaugural blockchain accelerator launched by, ecommerce juggernaut and China’s largest online retailer. Devery followed this news quickly with announcement of its joint programme with the Tunisian Ministry of Education and the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) to develop systems to track school lunches distributed to Tunisian children.

Devery is expected to be on the ground in Tunisia in coming weeks to deploy the first iteration of its custom solution and commence ground trials. While the Devery hasn’t yet indicated which other companies or governments it is courting, it is expected that future iterations of this solution will be targeted to a range of other broadly comparable situations globally.

The recent updates by Devery reflect its steady progress as it continues to hit its key milestones. This includes the announcement of a new advisor, Sebastian Quinn-Watson, a partner at Blockchain Global and advisory board member on several successful projects including Powerledger, Bluezelle, Simple Token and a number of others. Devery has also significantly expanded its development team with a number of new hires.

Devery is expected to release more updates and announcements in weeks to come as it steps up community engagement. Crypto influencers already buzzing about Devery are watching closely as the enterprise supply chain solutions specialist gathers momentum and positions itself to be a key global B2B supply chain industry player.

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