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Amber Video develops AI and blockchain-based solutions to detect deep fakes and fraud for video content.

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By Chris A.

Published March 5, 2019



Amber Video develops AI and blockchain-based solutions to detect deep fakes and fraud for video content.

Amber: About the Platform

Amber sources and tracks the provenance of video sequences via a smart contract system to create service for multi-stake situations where the parties mistrust each other - such as for the shared use of several governments.

It is interesting that although Amber advertises particularly the use case for governments, the product itself also appeals strongly to political activists.


As of March 2019, they have released Authenticate and detect products that are good to be integrated into a workflow.

Amber Detect uses signal processing and artificial intelligence to identify maliciously-altered audio and video, which is a technique that can be used to sow false information and panic.

Amber Authenticate fingerprints sourced recordings to tracks their provenance using blockchain-based smart contracts. This way provenance can be tracked even when a video is cut and combined from many sequences.

Solutions developed by Amber are patented but to blockchain veterans they will nonetheless remind of what Factom has been doing.

Factom’s API workflow can be used in a wider way for a multitude of uses but this particular video-related application has been announced from China in December 2018.

Last but not least, our Twitter thread conversation with someone from Amber sparked serious doubts about the legitimacy of the project.

Amber: Token Promotion & Results

There is no token to invest in.

The Business Intelligence for Amber

Amber is a project of Unveiled Labs Inc, a company based in San Francisco in a virtual office and just like Amber lead by Shamir Allibhai.

Surprisingly, Allibhai leads a marketing agency, not a tech startup, which is a verifiable fact, although the @AmberVid Twitter went mental after seeing this mention.

However, Unveiled stresses in the agency’s About section that Entrepreneurship equals Activism. The CEO Allibhai himself has a background of challenging the status quo via innovative products, having background in independent film and documentaries.

In early 2019, Amber was joined by Dr. David Doermann who is an early pioneer of fake video identification.

Doermann founded the media forensics program, or MediFor, at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is part of the United States Department of Defense. MediFor develops emerging technologies for US military use.

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