Cubego launches collab with OpenSea with a promotion for 11 - 12 December 2018 SINGAPORE

Cubego launches collab with OpenSea with a promotion for 11 - 12 December 2018

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Published December 10, 2018

Cubego announces today their new partnership with OpenSea to open character marketplace.

As a reminder, Cubego is the newcomer game developed by the team behind the famous dApp game Etheremon. A quick way to describe Cubego is a Lego-compatible game on blockchain.

OpenSea is a native marketplace for non-fungible assets on the Ethereum blockchain. These are all collectibles and ERC-721 tokens meant for sale. OpenSea is decentralized p2p market with currently over 1.2 million items.

Thanks to the OpenSea collab, Cubego players will now be able to trade their Cubego character creations, or “Cubegons”, for ETH or EMONT ERC-20 tokens. That means Cubego players can now directly earn spendable value in ETH or in tokens used in the Etheremon game.

Some notable features of the OpenSea Cubegon Market:

  • You can list your Cubegons without paying any gas.
  • Cubegons stay in your wallet while they are listed until someone buys them.
  • Cubegons get sold via bids from potential buyers.

Cubego Promotions: Only 11–12 December 2018

Cubego celebrates this marketplace launch with a timely promotion and giveaway.

Rebate 20% on all purchases

From 00:00, 11 Dec to 23:59, 12 Dec (UTC time), Presale participants will get 20% Rebate in EMONT for every purchase in Cubego Store.

This offer also applies if you pay in ETH. For ETH purchases, rebate will be calculated at rate 1 ETH = 1500 EMONT.

Cubego starer pack giveaway

This is the first time Cubego is giving away a starter pack. The packs are limited stock of of 1,000 packs.

Once again, these offers runs only for two days: on 11th and 12th December.

Learn more about how Cubego innovates the dApp game industry here.




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