Will cryptocurrency be a common course unit in higher education?

Just imagine a high-schooler who becomes a strong competition for leading professionals in a few years!
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By Daniel M.

Published December 23, 2021

Will cryptocurrency be a unit for studying at school?

Cryptocurrencies have already significantly transformed the lives of the human population. Honestly, it took them just a decade to incorporate into current reality. Nowadays, it seems that this outstanding technology has been with us since the beginning of time! Hence, people are curious about further changes.

One of the topical themes for discussion is the crypto impact on the education sphere. Of course, you may think that learning to buy and sell with credit card is the only crucial knowledge for dealing with crypto. Surprisingly, this subject is way broader than simple trade.

What is more, the process of crypto merging into a study program is happening right now. Several globally famous universities decided that teaching cryptocurrencies and blockchain would be a fantastic idea. In order to become an expert, you can enroll in:

  • Cornell University;
  • New York University;
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

For sure, those are big names in the educational field. Nonetheless, these institutions are for higher education. What about schools? Nobody can predict the school program in fifty years or a century. Yet, there is still a chance of cryptocurrencies becoming an official subject. Let's conceptualize, how a crypto discipline looks like in the future.

As a historical subject

Exactly, kids may begin studying the history of crypto before any other topics. Such an approach seems cruel because history lessons often become boring. However, the history of digital currencies can become interesting! Schools just need to change the lesson plans and make them more interactive and exciting. Indeed, any subject is draining if you only write endless essays after reading endless paragraphs.

Besides, the evolution of the crypto world was unusual and contained many highlights. Any pupil would like to read about Elon Musk or Dogecoin! Modern kids have gadgets in their tiny hands from infancy. Usually, they know even more about Internet trends than their parents.

Because the phenomenon of digital currencies has a solid connection to the Internet culture with all jokes and memes, the younger generations are going to like it. One of the schools in New Jersey decided to make it a reality. Students of Union Catholic Regional High School learn about crypto with joy!

Remember about the initial point of learning history, regardless of the topic. There is a theory that all historical events are spiral. In other words, past events often repeat in the future. Once you know about what happened previously, making forecasts becomes way easier. A diligent student may spot a specific pattern to use it years from now.

As a part of the economics discipline

Imagine a young person from the Victorian era, who occasionally attends school, to start working hard shortly after finishing it. The teen learns basics like writing and reading, which is enough to become a literal person at that time. Now, let’s fast-forward to the 21st century. Yes, the schools still teach reading and writing and simple calculus. However, these basics may barely make a successful person.

Fortunately, high school classes include economics today. Some specialized institutions even teach such things as:

  • Taxes;
  • Business skills;
  • Making first income;
  • Investments, etc.

The skills for everyday life are a springboard for youngsters, who know little about adulting. In the same fashion, digital currencies slowly transform from something unusual to a regular thing. For this reason, knowing how to work with them is hardly an extravagance. High-school lessons could include info about:

  • Mining;
  • Blockchain;
  • Exchange rate determinants;
  • Cryptography.

On the contrary, being illiterate in crypto can be detrimental to a kid’s future. For now, the ministries of education can ignore some trends, but the changes are unavoidable.

As a creative subject

By all means, the school system experiences constant improvements every decade or so. The traditional methods, which worked previously, might be inefficient or even harmful in current conditions. Among the freshly emerged principles is the rule that a person learns faster when the methods are unusual. How can teachers implement creativity into the crypto discipline?

The first thing to remember is that working in groups is more fun than individual studying. Pupils may divide into teams and compete with each other. As an illustration, the task would be to create a new cryptocurrency, name it, come up with a memorable logo.

Another task would be to make a prognosis through calculations. While the previous problem requires creative thinking, this one is for developing logical and mathematical skills! Together, such assignments have a tremendous impact on the growing brain.

As a career guidance

Any high school performs many essential tasks. One of them is guiding schoolgirls and schoolboys towards the most matching careers. Of course, few seventeen-year-olds are confident in their choice. To make things easier for them, educational institutions run annual events.

How can schools help students leaning towards careers connected to crypto? Like any other professional choice, becoming a cryptocurrency expert requires practical skills. Sure, the theory is important, but it helps little without trying it out in real life.

To solve the issue, the ministries of education can come up with programs that help students practice in specialized companies. What is better than getting advice straight from an expert? After a couple of weeks or months of such training, the young people would understand their wants better. Maybe, somebody realizes that they need to choose a different job.

On the contrary, there could be trainees whose enthusiasm only grows after getting into the cryptocurrency world. In such case, they receive several advantages:

  • Work experience;
  • A deeper understanding of the subject;
  • Beneficial connections.

Just imagine a high-schooler who becomes a strong competition for leading professionals in a few years! Such a successful graduate is an honor to their school.


Crypto becoming a school discipline is just a matter of time in the long run. Only a few decades ago, studying computer science seemed impossible.

Nowadays, digital currencies have a chance of becoming a basic subject, like literature or mathematics. Undeniably, future generations should have an opportunity to dive deeper into modern trends. A complete understanding of things surrounding children everywhere is vital for future success.

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