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Get paid in cryptocurrency


If you’re from EEA, you will be eligible for the Wirex prepaid debit Visa card. Wirex works with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, WAVES and XRP - those are the supported cryptocurrencies that you can deposit, withdraw or convert into fiat.

Wirex offers a full cryptocurrency wallet-like service - you can actually move crypto in and out. That means you can get paid in one of their supported cryptocurrencies and directly spend the money from your Visa card.

Wirex claims there is no hot wallet, each user gets their own personal multisig wallet generated with three keys. The wallet however is fully maintained and controlled by Wirex. Their security standard is good; still - crypto OGs would never give their private keys away.

If you can live with outsourced cryptocurrency storage, Wirex will be a good option for you though.

In case you also get the Wirex card, it will allow you not only to spend your crypto for daily purchases, you will also get cashback for your spending. The cashback is a new Wirex feature called Cryptoback™: Wirex rewards you with 0.5% in Bitcoin every time you use your their Visa card in-store.

Try Wirex for free


Bitwala is a fully regulated and licensed German bank for the blockchain era - that is, somewhat ironically, as long as you are an EEA resident with a valid European tax ID.

Either way, if you tick their boxes, you get your own bank account with German IBAN where you can receive your salary to and pay your bills from. There is a MasterCard option, too.

Your account will also come with your own Bitcoin wallet with full functionality - again, with Bitwala you can get paid in Bitcoin. You can hold on to the coin you receive or sell it directly via the Bitwala built-in market and either spend the money via your prepaid card or use them to pay your bills from your bank account. It goes the opposite way too, in case you get paid in EUR.

Comparing your options, Bitwala will be a better option than Wirex in case you get paid parts in EUR parts in BTC - with Bitwala you can manage both of these income streams under one account.

However, they have assembled a massive waitlist before the Bitwala accounts launched in December 2018 and there is still couple thousands people left waiting to onboard, you will have to pre-register first.

Pre-register your account at Bitwala


AdvCash has been around for what’s light years in the crypto space, but it is mostly known in Russian-speaking parts of the world. It is meant as an e-wallet tool for freelancers to get paid and move the money easily, but in terms of crypto trading it works extremely well with the EXMO exchange too.

You can get money on your account via SEPA or SWIFT transfer, debit card top-up, by transfer from some other digital wallets or via cryptocurrency deposit. The list of supported cryptocurrencies keeps growing - by the end of 2018 it included ETH, BTC, ZEC, LTC, BCH and XRP.

Withdrawals in cryptocurrency are fast, automated and slightly marked-up. There are instant crypto transfers to and from EXMO, only some deposit and withdrawals options require full verification.

Advcash used to come with a prepaid MasterCard but was hit by the same regulation as other global prepaid card providers. For now, the card platform at AdvCash is not available.

AdvCash is not the payment solution you would hear about on cryptoreddit but they have been silently functioning well for nearly 5 years now.

If you are from outside of EEA and in the market for crypto-fiat wallet, AdvCash might be your best option. They are a Belize company and do not restrict access based on nationalities.

Try AdvCash for free

Put part of your salary into cryptocurrency


Revolut is a solution for prepaid debit cards. They recently launched a “crypto” implementation, but it is only possible to buy cryptocurrency, not to receive it.

Still, if you work with a client who does not want to pay you in cryptocurrency, you can request payment from a third party to your Revolut IBAN and then buy one of the selected cryptocurrencies from the app.

Nonetheless, you need to be residing in EEA and there is no way to withdraw the crypto to your own wallet as of yet.

More on


Transferwise is a similar type of service as Revolut in that you can get virtual or plastic debit card for your spending. What Transferwise does better though is international bank transfers.

You get local bank account details for every currency you activate, but the owner of the account is Transferwise. Therefore you don’t get to do any paperwork, you can simply start accepting foreign payments without any fees.

Get a Transferwise account

Converting between currencies costs a fee, but investing part of your salary into cryptocurrency is easy as Transferwise is a popular option on both LocalEthereum and LocalBitcoins.

Crypto Address Watchers & Transaction Alerts

Ethereum Wallet Watcher

If you ever get paid in ETH or ERC-20 tokens, get yourself a free account at Etherscan and set up a wallet watcher.

It’s in My Address under “Watch List”. You can track as many addresses as you wish - Ethereum is a public blockchain, so you can also choose to follow an exchange or an organization address if that’s what you need.

You’ll get an email any time there is a transaction initiated for your watched address, so that you always know when you’re getting paid.

Register at EtherScan for free

Bitcoin Wallet Watcher

For some reason, there is no simple service that would let you watch bitcoin address movements the way EtherScan does it.

For your own addresses, one option is to create an account at (formerly and import your BTC address. You will get alerted via e-mail or in app when you get paid, but it involves sharing your private keys with company Blockchain Luxembourg SA.

If you are on iOS, you can use the Ocular app. It’s a beautifully designed wallet watcher that integrates seamlessly with all mainstream hardware wallets. There are no private keys involved, it just reads the addresses.

Tools for work

Tutanota Premium

If you run a blog or get clients through a portfolio, the premium features of Tutanota could make your life easier.

You get five slots for email addresses which can be from custom domains, on top of that you can use them as catch-all for other aliases. That means you can use a address for signups; when someone starts spamming you, you will know who sold your data.

Not to mention that Tutanota is the most diligent email provider in terms of developments to date: They don’t have access to your mailbox, you get 2FA option and their customer support is great.

At 14.40 EUR a year this certainly isn’t a money snatch. Payments via card or PayPal.



Crypto Business Intelligence - Full Data Files



Bitrefill is a Swedish Bitcoin startup that has evolved from a simple gift card service into a more complete crypto e-commerce platform.

Published June 25, 2019 by Diana (Editor)

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Amber video is a project of Unveiled Labs Inc and develops video deepfake detection using AI and blockchain.

Published March 05, 2019 by Chris A.

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Full data file for Skaly, the IOTA-based health data project for the insurance industry.

Published January 25, 2019 by Diana (Editor)

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Centrifuge blockchain is an open decentralized operating system to globally connect active parties in supply chain.

Published November 26, 2018 by Diana (Editor)

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Perlin is a blockchain AI-focused startup that is working with redundant power in common smart devices.

Published November 16, 2018 by Diana (Editor)

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Joint venture of bank giants like HSBC and Deutsche, is a blockchain trade finance consortium focusing on SMEs.

Published November 03, 2018 by Diana (Editor)

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Fidelity is an asset management firm founded in 1946 that recently announced a cryptoasset custody product.

Published October 16, 2018 by Diana (Editor)

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Numerai is a crowd-sourced AI-run hedge fund and Erasure marketplace that provides free data feeds for machine learning, leveraging structure-preserving encryption.

Published October 12, 2018 by Diana (Editor)

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Bakkt is the regulated business crypto custody and trading solution available for investors with at least 25 BTC, waiting for regulatory approval in the US.

Published September 25, 2018 by Chris A.

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Etheremon is blockchain game creating decentralized world of Ether monsters that players can collect, train, trade or let them collect tradable ETH tokens.

Published September 18, 2018 by JMT

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NagriTech is Irish agritech company producing organic fertilizers that has a crypto token, NagriCoin, with a successful initial token offering in 2018.

Published September 11, 2018 by Diana (Editor)

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Wyre (SendWyre) is a blockchain technology initiative for compliant decentralized trading, supported by the DCG or Tim Draper.

Published September 04, 2018 by Diana (Editor)

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SatoshiLabs is the company behind Trezor wallet that has been around since the very early days of crypto.

Published August 29, 2018 by Diana (Editor)

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Universal Protocol Platform


Universal Protocol platform is developing the Proxy token, custody-based and business-ready solution for blockchain interoperability.

Published August 25, 2018 by JMT

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LEXIT is platform for the mergers and acquisitions on blockchain, dealing with trading of intellectual property or whole businesses.

Published August 25, 2018 by Diana (Editor)

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Independent investment firm with extensive business network, venturing into AI and fintech.

Published August 09, 2018 by JMT

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Zilliqa is the scalable and secure blockchain platform for hosting decentralized applications

Published August 08, 2018 by Chris A.

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ZED Network


ZED Network is regulated blockchain remittance project on Stellar blockchain.

Published August 04, 2018 by JMT

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Digital currency trading platform focused on copy trading, former Saxo Bank trading salesmen in the lead.

Published July 13, 2018 by JMT

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Adbank crypto intelligence. Company, partnerships, social media presence and influence, airdrop and PR achievements.

Published July 11, 2018 by Chris A.

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Business and social data about Chiliz platform and related fintech business: People, partnerships, social media audience, influence.

Published July 05, 2018 by Chris A.

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All Data Files   Directory of Blockchain Companies (Updated 25 June 2019)


New in Data & Analysis

Shocking Facts About Cryptocurrency Heists [Infographic]

If there is one question in the history of Bitcoin that cannot be answered with anything more than an estimate, it is the problem of how much of Bitcoin’s supply is actually ever available on...

Published March 26, 2019 by Diana (Editor)
Editor's note: Cryptojacking, ICO exits, scams, malware and fraud - outrageous amounts of cryptos have changed hands through illicit activity. Tagged as Infographics

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Mac malware “CookieMiner” targets crypto traders, aims to bypass 2FA on exchanges and web wallets

Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 reported a new malware that targets Mac users. The malware was developed from code used for older campaigns and so it also goes for the obvious steady revenue generation through...

Published February 04, 2019 by Chris A.
Editor's note: Here's what you can do to protect your crypto holdings. Tagged as Security

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Samourai Wallet has released an update that contributes heaps to Bitcoin's fungibility

The new option for Samourai Wallet BTC transactions deals with some advanced blockchain analytics problems to enhance transaction privacy and the fungibility of bitcoin as money.

Published January 23, 2019 by Chris A.
Editor's note: Staggered Ricochet is a premium feature of the latest version of Samourai wallet. Tagged as Development

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Etheremon is the first dApp Game to integrate with Kyber Network’s liquidity protocol

Kyber Network enables users to pay in ERC-20 tokens, making it very convenient for them to access services in blockchain game dApps.

Published September 18, 2018 by JMT
Editor's note: In the business of entertainment, it is risky to let the player's interest wane in wait for transaction confirmation. Tagged as dApps

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Sports industry can now link the real-world with blockchain through voting tokens

The rise of blockchain technology business might have started with fully digital platforms and dApps but non-digital companies are finally catching up.

Published July 05, 2018 by Diana (Editor)
Editor's note: A proxy solution tokenizing crowd management in sports and beyond. Tagged as New Release

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NagriCoin Project Update: Biotech Token Struck Deal With

Pecunio closed a deal with NagriCoin - a biotech company that as a token sale instead of IPO - citing the rarity of having a non-digital industry represented on the blockchain.

Published June 30, 2018 by JMT
Editor's note: #Airdropped Tagged as Markets

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New online banking app from France is open to self-employed but not to crypto customers

Shine, the new French banking app, is open to self-employed applicants.

Published June 17, 2018 by JMT
Editor's note: Launched in March 2018, already 10K users. Sadly, it's not so overwhelming with the crypto-friendliness in France. Tagged as New Release

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SEC: Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are not securities; market rebounds

Quick debrief on some other topics that emerged as the SEC ruled BTC and ETH not a security.

Published June 14, 2018 by Chris A.
Editor's note: The good news moved the cryptomarkets significantly. Tagged as Regulations

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Comparing Forex Market with Crypto Markets [Infographic]

One of the few metrics that cryptocurrency markets have in common with the forex markets in 2018 is the high percentage of total trades being located on few most popular markets.

Published June 10, 2018 by Guest
Editor's note: Still a long way to go for crypto markets. Tagged as Infographics

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New business angle for marketing agencies

Tokenized Crypto-Economy If there is one paradigm shift many marketers don’t doubt about, it’s the prediction that in the future, everything will be tokenized. We see number of interesting projects that could in theory exist...

Published May 31, 2018 by Chris A.
Editor's note: #TokenMarketing Tagged as Token Promo

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CryptoCon 2018 event is cancelled

Catering towards traders of all levels and investors. Relevant for both B2C and B2B. Distinctive because no sole focus on the blockchain solution, but rather on trading/investing and leadership. Great opportunities for your projects to...

Published May 31, 2018 by JMT
Editor's note: It could have been a unique event; sadly it will not happen. Tagged as New Release

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